Meet Ernesto Lopes CEO of a Scam Artists Inc

CEO of AHS Residential that scams contractors that build their rental communities.

Initially, you would think that Ernesto P. Lopes doesn’t have a clue about payments to the contractors. However, he ignored all of our emails and still has not resolved past due payments for other contractors clearly displayed online:

Like the other staff at AHS Residential, he was informed of the scam of withholding pay for contractors and chose to do nothing about it. He is also aware of the prison sentences ordered by federal judges by his employees.

His Bio indicated he has plenty of experience with real estate development including high-rise buildings and corporate buildings. So why not just pay the contractors who perform the work? Because no matter how big you get, greed always comes into play and the little guy who does the work will sacrifice food for his family so Ernesto P. Lopes can benefit. Shame on you.

Hey Ernesto, enjoy the $55,000. Maybe the banks will see this and reconsider lending to you on the next project.

Have you been scammed by Ernesto Lopes too? Contact me and we can do something about it!