Do not LOAN to AHS Development

As we discussed on our previous post about AHS Residential, they make money building real estate developments and figure out ways to withhold money from contractors. Considering lending to these guys? Think again!

Between hiring undocumented workers on their construction sites (Trust me, I would know) and not paying contractors, you should re-think your risk.

From the top to the bottom, AHS employees constantly make threats about payment. Here is an email of the aftermath of an exchange of their employees threatening withhold pay:

Here is also some pictures of the work we did that went completely unpaid for:

If you are going to do business with AHS Residential / AHS Development, why don’t you make them take a pledge to pay the little guys whom perform all of the construction?

Oh, and I bet you want to know about the illegal workers at their construction sites. Well, I can’t give too much information because I am currently working with law enforcement about that issue, but just ask to take a tour of any ongoing project and speak to some of the workers.

While I typically mind my own business, the reality is, any disgruntled contractor such as myself is compelled to point these things out to law enforcement after they have been ripped off by these guys. So consider that potential issue when their construction site gets shut down before they have the possibility to collect rent!

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