Beware of AHS Residential!

AHS Reported Unethical business practices. Convicted Felons, prison time, fraud.

As you can see, AHS is known already for not paying their contractors.

-We are painting contractors that painted the interior of 6 buildings and a club house for AHS at 2101 N Australian Avenue, West Palm Beach FL.

-We began work in November of 2018 and worked until July of 2019.
-AHS didn’t pay us for months of work totalling about $55,000.

Despite getting over 27 million dollars from the banks for this project, I bet they enjoy bragging about that!

Why did they burn us? Because they can. They have an 80+ page contract with all contractors, that they regularly use technicalities in order benefit from work and supplies from contractors, than withhold payment. Yep, con artists. Now you know why this is posted here.

What happened to us? AHS Development was in charge of the sequence of production with all of their hired contractors. Some of these guys are felons that have done hard prison time. Here was our “boss” main guy at AHS (fresh out of prison):

Towards the end of the job, they broke sequence trying to rush to meet deadlines. To correct their mistake AHS demanded some of the contractors to employ 4 times as many employees or else they would withhold pay. The incentives us by making secret verbal deals, putting side contracts in writing, then renigging when it was time to pay. We have those documents, of increased pay out applications, then modified ones a month later – But we’ll leave that out.

In the end, AHS withheld payroll for months of work from all 12 employees totaling about $55,000 knowing they would have the upper-hand in litigation from their 80 page contract with contractors.
It is completely unethical to not pay for the little guy who put months and months hard work and sweat into painting and building for them.
Good luck AHS, enjoy the money! This significantly hurt my family and my employees but at least I can warn other people about these fraudsters.

Has the same thing happened to you? Contact me and I will help you take action!

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