Do not LOAN to AHS Development

As we discussed on our previous post about AHS Residential, they make money building real estate developments and figure out ways to withhold money from contractors. Considering lending to these guys? Think again!

Between hiring undocumented workers on their construction sites (Trust me, I would know) and not paying contractors, you should re-think your risk.

From the top to the bottom, AHS employees constantly make threats about payment. Here is an email of the aftermath of an exchange of their employees threatening withhold pay:

Here is also some pictures of the work we did that went completely unpaid for:

If you are going to do business with AHS Residential / AHS Development, why don’t you make them take a pledge to pay the little guys whom perform all of the construction?

Oh, and I bet you want to know about the illegal workers at their construction sites. Well, I can’t give too much information because I am currently working with law enforcement about that issue, but just ask to take a tour of any ongoing project and speak to some of the workers.

While I typically mind my own business, the reality is, any disgruntled contractor such as myself is compelled to point these things out to law enforcement after they have been ripped off by these guys. So consider that potential issue when their construction site gets shut down before they have the possibility to collect rent!

Meet Ernesto Lopes CEO of a Scam Artists Inc

CEO of AHS Residential that scams contractors that build their rental communities.

Initially, you would think that Ernesto P. Lopes doesn’t have a clue about payments to the contractors. However, he ignored all of our emails and still has not resolved past due payments for other contractors clearly displayed online:

Like the other staff at AHS Residential, he was informed of the scam of withholding pay for contractors and chose to do nothing about it. He is also aware of the prison sentences ordered by federal judges by his employees.

His Bio indicated he has plenty of experience with real estate development including high-rise buildings and corporate buildings. So why not just pay the contractors who perform the work? Because no matter how big you get, greed always comes into play and the little guy who does the work will sacrifice food for his family so Ernesto P. Lopes can benefit. Shame on you.

Hey Ernesto, enjoy the $55,000. Maybe the banks will see this and reconsider lending to you on the next project.

Have you been scammed by Ernesto Lopes too? Contact me and we can do something about it!

Meet the head scammer, Rubens Menin Teixeira de Souza

We already wrote about the scams going on at AHS Residential. Now let’s meet the people involved.

Lead Organizer and beneficiary of scams against contractors and their families.

At first, we tried to resolve our issues. But when we received no responses, we knew we were scammed.

Every person who works at AHS answers to this guy, the founder of the real estate development. Of course he is aware of all the contractors who do not get paid for their work. Who do you think hired the lawyers to make the 80+ page contract that gives AHS the power to not pay the contractors? This guy, that’s who.

Of course, I am motivated to warn people of this scam artist because I was ripped off $55,000. However, I really do not wish other people to also fall victim. His companies in Brazil have success and I am sure follows a same criminal business model. Don’t forget about his employees who manage the contractors: convicted felons fresh out of prison.

Beware of AHS Residential!

AHS Reported Unethical business practices. Convicted Felons, prison time, fraud.

As you can see, AHS is known already for not paying their contractors.

-We are painting contractors that painted the interior of 6 buildings and a club house for AHS at 2101 N Australian Avenue, West Palm Beach FL.

-We began work in November of 2018 and worked until July of 2019.
-AHS didn’t pay us for months of work totalling about $55,000.

Despite getting over 27 million dollars from the banks for this project, I bet they enjoy bragging about that!

Why did they burn us? Because they can. They have an 80+ page contract with all contractors, that they regularly use technicalities in order benefit from work and supplies from contractors, than withhold payment. Yep, con artists. Now you know why this is posted here.

What happened to us? AHS Development was in charge of the sequence of production with all of their hired contractors. Some of these guys are felons that have done hard prison time. Here was our “boss” main guy at AHS (fresh out of prison):

Towards the end of the job, they broke sequence trying to rush to meet deadlines. To correct their mistake AHS demanded some of the contractors to employ 4 times as many employees or else they would withhold pay. The incentives us by making secret verbal deals, putting side contracts in writing, then renigging when it was time to pay. We have those documents, of increased pay out applications, then modified ones a month later – But we’ll leave that out.

In the end, AHS withheld payroll for months of work from all 12 employees totaling about $55,000 knowing they would have the upper-hand in litigation from their 80 page contract with contractors.
It is completely unethical to not pay for the little guy who put months and months hard work and sweat into painting and building for them.
Good luck AHS, enjoy the money! This significantly hurt my family and my employees but at least I can warn other people about these fraudsters.

Has the same thing happened to you? Contact me and I will help you take action!